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Blocked by land and sea

Many people are shouting but a few claim,

Improved services, improved road net

More employment vacancies

Our place Evia is a beautiful place but trapped in a chronic rigidity which prevent the island from development. There are many causes and effects that all of us experience who insist on living in the place where we were born. Day by day, Evia is stripped out of young peoples’ presence due to the unemployment, due to shortages of basic infrastructure development, due to the low intensity of the voice of the citizen. Today, the island is cleared by the productive age of 20-40, the scientific potential that was born in this place, and has not got the infrastructure that Evia deserves. The voice response sounds like a whisper in the ears of those who are responsible.

Collective actions and reactions there were hardly ever and whenever organized suppressed early on. Unfortunately, organized citizen action is very slow in our island. Sometimes you have to realize that the ’60s are long gone before. It is 2011 and the road Istiaia to Chalkis, still serves the citizens in a great risk, while the ferry boat according to the law adjusts its schedules in order to have the lowest possible cost, not concerned of the fact that from 6 pm until 8 am there is no sea transportation.


Road net

Last Tuesday at the Municipality of Mantoudi-Limni – Agia Anna, the Mayor Anestis Psaros, with the support of the Board and citizens, in a symbolic gesture of protest, closed the main road connecting northern Evia to the rest of Greece, at the height of the beam for Pili and Vlachia, one hundred meters off of Prokopi. From 9 am the bus of the Municipality joined perpendicular to the road, closing access to the two traffic streams. Mayor Anestis Psaros, many Councillors, Stathis Liagkakis, municipal officials and people from surrounding villages were present. Typical was the absence of Yiannis Perifanos. Many attendees noted that while the road is in an unacceptable condition that the attendance was far below expectations. The reasons for the blockade of the street traffic were the continued deterioration of services in Northern Evia. The main claim is not to close the Tax Offices and offices of the Public Health Insurance (IKA) in the region, to stop the degradation of the health center since September that has been left with only four rural doctors, to stop the decline of the local schools and the general depreciation of its inhabitants. During the blockade, which lasted just over an hour there were some incidents of verbal abuse with travelers who could not travel to their destinations. Long line of cars were created, mainly in the direction towards Prokopi and northern Evia. Many people were complaining that they had health problems and should be allowed to pass. The Mayor replied that he understands the problem but stressed that everyone in the region is condemned, because of the indifference of central authority and was pleading for understanding the support that the Municipality gives. Four foreign tourists waited patiently as a resident explained to them in French what was happening. Despite the objections of some people, the road was opened three times to get through emergencies and to assuage the people who had been excluded.

Personal assets of the elected of the Municipality Istiaia – Aidipsos

Personal assets of the elected of the Municipality Istiaia – Aidipsos were given in order to get them published by posting on the Internet as Kallikratis law forces them to do so, the assets of seven members of City Council Istieas-Aidipsos. According to the data, we begin with the Mayor of the City Istiaia – Aidipsos, Zachos Christofis. According to the income statement that was filed to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the mayor’s income amounts to 62.870,58 € while the wife who rents rooms in Pefki seems to have the 2010 income of 11.673,28 €. Moreover, the statement of the Mayor owns two properties, with date of acquisition in 2010 and is 1.58 and 1.14 acres. Finally, he has with his wife, three vehicles from 1,100 up to 1,800 cubic which have acquired a 1999 and the other two in 2007. Based on the statements, the richer couple is that of President of the Municipal Council Ioannis Anastasiou and his wife Anastasia. They declare an income of about 40,000 and 42,000 respectively, while they also have in possession sixteen properties in areas such as Nea Liosia, Kolonos, Istiaia, Chalkis, Kaisariani, Drosia, etc. with an area of 33 to 175 square meters. In possession of the President are three cars with a displacement of 1,300, 1,800 and 2,000 cc the latter of which was purchased in 2010. Amongst the poorest appears to be the Municipality Councillor, Maria Makri, a trader in the profession, which declares loss of something less than five thousand euros. She also has the occupation of 50% of a car since 2005 which is 1,970 cc. The Deputy Mayor Yiannis Kotzias shows income 11.771 € in 2007 and which gradually increases to 18.877 € in 2009. He seems to be involved in commercial operation since 2009 with a capital levy 15.000 €, and also owns four pieces of properties from 8 to 121 square meters in Athens and Maroussi. He also owns two cars, the one since 2004 and the other since 2008, 1,800 cc and 2,400cc respectively, while his wife holds two more cars, one 1,300 cc since 2000 and another 3700 cc since 2009. The Deputy Mayor, Sotiris Panourgias income is of approximately 15 000 euros and in 1997 he purchased a car 1,600 cc worth thirty thousand euro. In addition, the Mayor Spyridon Zacharis declares income of 34.600 € and a 2,315 cc car since 2007 which he bought with a loan. Finally to mention, the Municipal Counselor Argiro Arapoglou stating income 3.361 € and her husband, as an employee of Public Power (DEI) declares income of 29.150 €. Despite the investigations we made on the official website of the Municipality Mantoudi-Limni Agia. Anna, the assets and personal ownership of “the elected representatives of the municipality, weren’t posted as they were obliged to be as of September 11, 2011.



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