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A signal was transmitted by the tip of Evoia
St. George Lihada: Synonym of abandonment

After a series of complaints and calls our readers had made, last Thursday, the heart of “Palmos” beat in Ai – George’s Lihada. It is all about a scenic route; with a magnificent bay, with beaches and beautiful scenery. A mountain full of pine trees on most points, since the wounds of the last fires are still visible, and the road network, which is unacceptable. Continuous micro-sedimentations, successive changes of paving by supplements occasionally added, holes and dangerous narrowing and everything to complicate even more, the operations in part of the road for the blockage, which are being made for a long period of time


Drinking water
The village has an old tank for many years, which collects water from a water source with a very good water quality. This water is pumped through pipes in some fountains in the village from where residents obtain their drinking water. In some of these fountains in fact, there is a sign noting that the use of water is forbidden for any other use. These taps until a few days ago were full of weeds resulting to fear of contamination and it made risky the water intake due to the possible presence of snakes in the grass, especially at midday. Many even fairly dripped with the loss of precious water. Although most of them were cleaned, during our stroll in the village the lens of “Palmos” has found one that was still gross and recorded the fact.
This spring water, in summer the water table is lower due to the high consumption of water the spring water gets mixed with a drill hole which finally ends up in the homes of the. But the old pipes suffer from many losses and the water poured on the track resulting to the point that the drinkable water is that of the drilling. This water was cut for about one week due to damage of the central pump supply as we were told by our readers, who revealed us the issue. As a result homes were supplied from well water that was salty and not appropriate to be consumed. Although it was repaired two days before our visit and the village is now powered with regular water, we asked to try it in order to have our own opinion. The water was not drinkable, and tastes a strongly brackish taste.
As we pointed out residents do not know if there has been a test for the suitability of the water that they have to pay for.  They even noted that the damage they have to their washing machines, radiators and pipes it’s big because of the salted water.

The village until formerly was served by a landfill in which the litter were going. This landfill has formally closed, but many still use the site as waste disposal and besides, the village has become a vast wasteland that many points muster any kind of litter, like twigs, old plumbing fixtures, mattresses, old furniture. Indeed, in the village where there are some abandoned houses and around the area has become a small tip that smells very bad and is the locale of reptiles and rodents that hang around to adjacent houses.  The problem is growing bigger because of the existence of coop and mantras with animals of any kind which are located next to the living tourist accommodation of the region. We went at a point some 500 meters from the village, which is currently known and unofficial dump in the village. Pile of rubble and rubbish of all kinds, which they told us that until recently had come to occupy half of the dirt road (the one that people used to go to work or on the beach for swimming at Lihada). After strong protests came the machinery of the City and simply pushed the garbage from the street. The setting is embellished by the sign “Do not throw garbage and rubble” Even the workers of the municipality, are using this illegal dump – for deposition of materials that are for disposal.

The school transportation
Local children as they HAVE told us, wake up from 6 in the morning because at 6.50 the bus departs to Aidipsos to take them to high school. These children except that daily move in an unacceptable road risking their lives, are forced to walk up a big hill in the morning to go to their schools and of course the time they get there until the bell rings, parents do not know how they spend their time.

Health Care
The biggest problem of Northern Evoia that many articles have been written about it. The rural doctor goes twice a week just to write prescriptions and medication. That means that the residents have to follow the miserable road going to the Health Center of Istiaia. The voices and complaints of residents on the edge of northern Evoia grow and all hope to be heard and that our daily lives to become better.




Kokkinomilia used to be a major village, today is like a ghost village

It was the last day of the summer …Going up the mountain, all around planes, pines and as high, springs up to the peaks from the firs. It is a unique place, with spectacular views. As you climb, the closer to God is nigh. The works of man seem few and poor, in front of the greatness of nature. The road from a point on it is rough, steep and uphill for a simple car. The asphalt shows luxury. It is paved in places. Now and then there is a cement, but there is everywhere abandonment. Many houses in the village are closed, abandoned. Others are being repaired and someone could think what’s going on in this village?Is it still inhabited by anyone? But yes! There are about 60 souls, who see the first rays of the sun and breathe in Kokkinomilia.  “I remember in 1959 there were 13 herds of sheep and more than 350 residents,” Mr. Andreas says. Someone else says: “In 1938, according to official figures, the village had even more residents, about 800 people. During summer a lot of people come back. ,” Mr. Andreas says, “I am now in Melbourne and I make a twenty-two hours journey to come to Greece. My mother is alive and she makes me coming back. I feel nostalgic for Greece for the sun, the sea and the fresh air. I left twenty-two years ago; I have two children and three grandchildren. I’m a stranger both in Australia and Greece. Open immigration in 1960. Many have left then. Other immigrated to Australia, Germany, America; others went sailors to the ships. “In 1964, Papandreou, got everyone in middle school. Tuition fees were 1000, but not all of us were studying. It was very difficult.  We were going to Xirochori by mules. In my generation I remember we were all 59 schools. Thirteen graduated from the sixth grade of the Primary School. Nine children went to middle school, five or six graduated. Those children went to the college. Nowadays there are not enough young people. If someone isn’t doing any manual work until the age of twenty, then the big village will swallow him. Who will come to water the beans and do such kind of jobs? «The discussion slowly lit the torch and younger people started speaking. ”We are abandoned.” “Either we ask for something or we don’t, what difference does it make? As if we are not human beings. They are not even paving with asphalt the roads, the only thing they care for is making profit out of everything “”We may be few, but Petsas lost by 12 votes, and Agdiniotis by 9. We’re 60.  “Someone told us that will make our village  little Paris, where is it? Is this the way to do it? The central street is not just for us. We’ve occupied the Town Hall on Evagelopoulou to make our way at the intersection of Rovies and within the same day they sent machines and made it. The roads are in disrepair, complete abandonment not even donkeys … can get down, they slip. “We found out that  there is state money approved in order to pave the road from the entrance of the village to Agia Triada. The contractor said he cannot work with his machines, and we ask why has he overtaken the project and he didn’t let anyone else to do it? From asphalt to cement and from cars to donkeys isn’t a wrong way we lead?. We are not idiots. Why are they delaying? We are determined. We gave a deadline to the Mayor to answer. We expect to discuss. If we are not going to be accepted, we will use other means. We ask that you make everything with the right specifications, not messy.  “In winter we live at the village 67 residents. Most of them are over 70. Those who have left did so, because they could not communicate with the outside world. There were no roads, no phones, when we were going to school; we were walking to Xirochori, taking the short road by forests and the monasteries. We were getting the trust of the food. The upper floors had then hundreds of mules.  “The village was emptied because there were no policies. If you voted for Greece, we would be well. Everyone votes for his child. “The sudden gust and momentary power loss, stops the chatting and we all enter to Kiki’s .cafe   Treats and tasty snacks go back and forth, and the conversation rages. “One has need of another. Kokkinomilia is special, because its residents even occupied the Town Hall. We have reached the age of personal drudgery. We are told that “we do not have money for gasoline.” At the river that passes through the village not even one has ever been inside it to clean it out. Don’t we pay council taxes? We ask for, an official of the municipality to come by, at least once a month.  Are we citizens of another class’? “Most of the homes are sold. These have been abandoned. Shouldn’t they notify their owners to clean up their properties because it is dangerous to catch a fire and these are a source of contamination for our village? Mice and snakes are coming out. If they are going to be cleaned, they will change the form of the village. “” If someone doesn’t want his house, let him give it to the Community. There are witnesses that can assure you that leeches and snakes come out of the taps. It’s required cleaning of the tank and chlorination.  The necessary control must be made and. Networks have been cut by two sources that feed the tank and it works just well, which means additional costs for the municipality. For example power is off, we will not have water to splash it over our homes, in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, the state stands indifferent and from major village of the region, today remained a ghost village. “

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