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Kirinthia 2011


When the City and the Associations are collaborating


‘Kirinthia has been a particular composition of culture, sports and co-organizing by the municipality and the Associations.

“The event was opened by Mayor Anestis Psaros and then Antonis Barrett President of Public Utilities identified some features of the site. Ancient Kirinthos was walled with two ramparts. The outer wall was a cyclopean, five meters high and a downstream interior, built with smaller stones. It is worth noting that in his speech, Mr. Barrett acknowledged the value to the Ancient Kirinthos and correspondence it with that of Knossos on the island of Crete. An interesting lecture followed by the archaeologist and town council Angelos Ritsonis. The three-day events “Kirinthia’ started with surfing games in Krya Vrisi. While, however, the game was not adopted, children aged 8 to 12 years gave the spectators a wonderful show, with vessels optimist and were rewarded for their participation by Antonis Barrett.  A Greek rock concert followed. Eventually everyone’s eyes fell into the river Voudoros. Euthemia Mourgia, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts from Kirinthos, revealing her talent and inspiration, impressed with the beautiful illuminated boats built and sailed in the river that runs beside the rock and flows into the beach Krya Vrisi.


The participation of the Cultural Association Kirinthos, adorned the event. In that attended including the President of City Council Christos Tzachristos, the Aldermen Yiannis Kantzouras, John Stamos, John Stergiou, Nikos Moustakas, Konstantinos Papaioannou, President of Local Community of Limni Yiannis Psaros and crowds.
The second day took place race of 5 kilometers, in which involved at least 30 children, followed by the awards of the three first.
The Nautical Club of Limni through its President, Diamandis Diamandis attended the race with much zest. Besides children from Kirinthos, helped in organizing a eighty year old athlete (reviewer in matches) George Chios from Limni.
On the third day, there was a cycling race from Prokopi to Kirinthos. There was great participation from Limni. The Municipal Director, Anna Bratzikou from Spathari helped technically in organizing sports events and in road safety and it should be emphasized that full custody had Vassilis Karatzas, the President of Kirinthos.



With Outspokenness/Pride in English

Another 12th grade school year has ended and another year has begun. The outcome is always a small fee and also a great starting point. I sincerely hope a good start and continuing to your studies. Open your wings and fly away. Until you strengthen both your wings and come back back. Our place needs you. Go! Study letters and life, but come back, rich in knowledge and experience to reshape our country.

The educational future events in our country are dark and will get worse. In Higher Education there is a doom. The chancellors are opposed to the government, students, teachers and the establishment and parents will pay the bill, either by delaying the completion of the studies of their children, or through cuts in textbooks, to lower fares on cards and other feeding benefits gradually declined. Already, universities have suspended the examination period and students expect what will happen.

In secondary education still seems that they drive without wheel. No destination. They choose exciting new schemes and then they hurry to restructure them. No new books, without induction material,l without additional training, what kind of new system do we have? As students diverse each year, so do the systems. Parallel Lives.

On the one hand we think the place needs Office of Secondary Education and within two years comes the closing. We close the office of primary education, OTE, the Tax Office is there anything left? Kallikrates system is a governmental system with hetero-management features.


Sometimes when we do not want to see the truth face to face we find a host of excuses. The truth is that this period in our country goes day by day more and more difficult to ever increasing amount of the population. The truth is that the Governing Kallikrates system which is applied from the beginning of 2011 is a “difficult bet.” It’s tiring to put the blame on the economical crisis and to Kallikratis governmental system. That thing in Political Science is simply called “POLICY Disguise.” What does this mean? When things are dark and not manageable, then in order to turn people’s attention on issues they don’t know well or they are simply afraid of, they distract their attention from the current daily routine, etc. As far as the issues of Northern Euvoia are concerned, and according to recent statements by the Mayor Christofis Zahos the finances of the municipality of Istiaia – Edipsos will have until the end of the year positive results. Why is there a feeling of total abandonment of the City?  Why even the visitors or the summer residents of the area leave the place with this feeling? Because Palmos’s door is always open, wondering if all that we learn every day, in the form of complaints, complaints accumulating to glue paper will cover at a height the Town Hall.
The whole summer moved on and the Municipality hasn’t done absolutely any expression to thank people.

Eight months have passed already and Municipality’s action in everyday life is lacking.

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