Friday of 18 August the Mayor Istiaias – Aidipsou, Christofis Zachos, spoke to us, exclusively to “Palmos” for the priorities that places after the voting of budget.



“The process began in order the Municipality to move forward. Our priority is the rural road construction, the cleaning of forestal streets, the general planning for all the Municipality. The maintenance and chlorination of all reservoirs of water supply, in all of the Municipal apartments, the development of projects for street paving all the city of Istiaia, to Oreous, to Pyrgos as well as the 25th Martiou str., Aidipsos central street. This project concerns 2011. The budget will close with more reserve than in 2010 in the whole Municipality. Concretely it is going to be 30% more than in 2010. There’s around the 600.000 Euros surplus. Calculating the payments at the end of the year, we will close positively.




Projects to be integrated, concern deposit of Technical Bulletins in the [E].[PE].[RA]., Istiaia’s  water supply  (800.000 Euros), the reformations of Municipal Apartments (200.000 Euros), Istiaia’s  internal networks of sewerage, with closure of old contract work (3.000.000 Euros) and C phase of sewerage Aidipsos (5.000.000 Euros). From the program Alexandros Mpaltatzis (1.200.000 Euros) in former Municipality Artemisio, (1.200.000 Euros) in the former Community Lichada, (1.200.000 Euros) in the former Municipality Oreon and (600.00 Euros) for paving of mountainous settlements. As you understand, the Municipality is ready with mature projects to make serious proposals for the [ES].[PA]. It is also signed [SCHO].[AP] for Artemisio opening the street for city planning of all beaches. It has been auctioned and we wait for the contractor to come out of [G].[I].[S]. of Aidipsos. Istiaia’s  [G].[I].[S] will be reauctioned during September . The [SCHO].[AP] of [Oreon] is in the third and final phase and so is the [SCHO].[AP]. Agios Georgios, Lichada has been auctioned and waits for the contractor. The first eight months, the Municipality works systematically and methodically for the integration of mentioned above projects, which will also change the aspect of the Municipality”.


About the thorny subject of Industrial Area

Enotiadis says openly his opinion

“I only accept the factories of medium and low harmful effect” – Peaks for the attitude of former Mayor of Agia Anna.

The former Mayor, Kireos Prodromos Enotiadis, spoke exclusively to “Palmos” for the thorny subject of Industrial Area that occupies so much the local society of Mantoydi and Agia Anna, and the rest of Northern Evoia. After the regular meeting of the Municipal Council, in the 8th of August, in which he also participated, he declared the following: “TERNA in 2009 bought the former enterprise “Skalistiri” and paid 11 million Euros to the State. TERNA also paid her obligations to the workers including the taxes for six-seven years; this exceeded the sum of 21 million Euros. TERNA also bought at the same time all privately-owned extents of 2.500 crowns and the right of research and mineral ownership of 40.000 acres. There was some contact with the director adviser of enterprise and at the same time two with three Municipal Councils took place, in which they presented themselves as executives of the enterprise. As the subject of anthracite came into discussion and was resolved, I had a meeting with Mr Peristeris, Chairman of the enterprise, with whom I had also discussions on the use of natural gas. The company decided to make factories of generation of electricity with natural gas, with the [DE].[FA] (Public Enterprise of Natural Gas), in the space that was the factories white stone. The natural gas would come to the place with driver. There are three solutions. The first one is to come from Magnesia with submarine driver in Aidipsos and afterwards in Mantoudi. The second solution is to come from Larymna – Limni – Mantoudi and third solution is to come from Aliveri – Mantoudi. It was also decided to operate as a department of white stone. The exploitation of white stone will be undergrounds and for this they prepared plans for Gerorema – Mourtitsa and Plakaria. They have deposited all that is required in the Ministry of Environment for the underground exploitation. The segregation will become on the surface.


At the same time, they applied in order to research and plan of exploitation. It is important that we stress, that they have already begun confirmation research, in order to be sure, that indeed exists white stone. At the same time, at Fournous there was a region that threw the waste, that is to say bad quality of white stone in privately-owned plots, in which they proposed to create an industrial park, like the one at Agios Athanassios in Thessalonica. For this reason they proposed to us to watch the way the industrial park functions. In fact, a delegation from the Municipality went there. We found the Mayor and we understood in what way the Municipality participates, as well as which industries can be accepted at the Park. At the same time, we accepted, in May 2010 and the person responsible for the sector of Industrial Park and of the Industrial Area of the company “TERNA”  is Mr Benopoulos as well as professors of the Technical University”.


Two unknown perpetrators wanted for armed robbery in supermarkets in Istiaia

The research of Police Forces are in progress for the localisation and the arrest of two unknown perpetrators, which impersonating the customers with daily clothing which could not also cause suspicions, the midday of last Thursday, threatening with guns removed a pecuniary sum, from the supermarket LIDL in Istiaia. According to the press release of General Police Forces of Sterea Hellas, at 15:15 , the perpetrators entered in the shop pretending the customers, afterwards they were directed towards the office of Director, where at that time were there two employees and with the threat of a pistol that brought the one from the two, they forced them to deliver the pecuniary sum of twenty thousands (20.000) Euro, from the safe and afterwards they came out, threatening them that there is also a third individual that waits for them and they slipped on foot towards unknown direction. Immediately Evoia Police forces were mobilised to locate the perpetrators and were constituted controls in streets they likely escaped in collaboration with the Harbour Forces. Preliminary investigation is held by Istiaia Police Department.


The celebration of the 15th of August at Gerakiou

On the 15th of August, the Cultural Association “Aghia Triada”, organized traditional dancing events at the central square of Gerakiou being that it was the celebration of Dormition of Virgiin Mary, which is the city protector saint. The event turned out to be a great success as there were many people, both tourists and local people. People felt the need to celebrate and forget about their everyday depression and misery that they are forcing us to have, as Stathis Gerogiannis stated. Next year, may we be well enough to celebrate again. Even sooner…..


Elections, trips and celebrations at Simia


After the 15th of August, there were elections for the position of the President of the new Board of Directors of the Cultural Association of Simia, “Telethrion”. On Tuesday, August 16th, all the members of the association met in order to discuss their future plans and then voted. After the elections, a celebration was held and lasted till the morning hours. Tassos Georgiou was elected President and Giannis Tolias was elected Vice-President. Based on the amount of votes, the following members of the association were elected: Giannis Tsaprounis, Thanasis Karatsolias, Giannis Albanis, Panagiota Tsaprouni and Antonis Loukas. When the new Board of Directors meets, the cashiers and the secretarial positions will be appointed.

On Sunday, August 21st, “Telethriako” along with the Athletic association of Kamatriades, organized their second trip to Meteora.

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