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Anestis Psaros: “Municipalities are not the dustbins of government”

The meeting of City Council Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna was held in calm tones, on Thursday evening, July 21st in the auditorium of the Youth Centre in Limni. Eleven of the twelve subjects of the agenda were voted while one was postponed due to lack of data. A bit of tension was caused at the discussion regarding the increasing fleet of cars,  while there was a controversy on the way the former Mayor’s party had handled the matter, leaving the municipality without vehicles, as a result the municipal officials had to move on their own, by carrying out and the cost of fuel. The Council ultimately decided to purchase three new vehicles of small displacement with all-wheel drive, the cost of which will be covered by the budgeted allocation of thirty thousand euro.
Petition before the agenda and a decision on a resolution, as on page 23 – was made on the store, as OTE,  employees were informed, will cease operation in the near future.

No transfer for school students.

A key issue to be addressed by the municipality, after the summer, brought before the Council agenda by Mayor Yiannis Stergiou, after personal research, regarding the transfer of pupils to school. According to Kallikrates, Law costs must now be paid by the City, but the funds the Municipality has at its disposal are not sufficient in the slightest. The representative of Laiki Syspirosi party, Liagkakis Stathis, said that should definitely be a route of school transport even in villages that have only one student, and suggested that the City should deny this financial burden. The spokesman of the Major Minority, Yiannis Perifanos, recalled that Kallikrates Law is clear about this issue. This issue triggered a series of disagreements through which was presented the size of the problem, because the dispersion of students and the distances are such that the cost is prohibitive for the finances of the municipality. The mayor openly resentful of the impasse/no way out, launched fierce attacks on government and on Kalikratis Law that convert the municipalities, as he said, in dustbins. He stressed that there would be massive representations to the government in cooperation with other municipalities to resolve the issue. His position was unanimously accepted by the whole Council.

From the AO Aidipsos to Atromitos Athens

Undoubtedly this is the most important summer story in football events in Northern Evoia. It is about a child chasing his dream and the reason is his love for football. Because major signings are not only those of veteran  and experienced football/soccer players. It is about the younger, talented players that are really worth for investing in them and make them big stars.  It is worth the effort and it’s good to imitate such kind of efforts. The 15-year old talented player, Dimitris Zouzoulis, from Rovies is now officially on the potential of Atromitos after spending two years in the AO Aidipsos. The young striker spoke to Palmos and mentioned the big step of his career is coming true.
“Since I was a small child, I remember myself with a ball all the time. I wanted to do the first step forward and I believe that Atromitos is the best option to pursue. I feel that my effort is worthwhile and not wasted so far. Mr. Anagnostou helped me. I owe him a lot because when I went to the AO Aidipsos he taught me the way to strike a goal.”




The University of Athens is founding a Department of Oceanography in Limni

Truly enjoyable and meaningful news came from the City Council Mantoudi-Limni-Ag Anna. This is a development, which, if all goes well, will radically alter the cultural and educational map of the region, with beneficial effects in the financial sector. Initially, as we were informed by the Vice President of Public Benefit Corporation of the City, Angelos Ritsonis, a meeting was held between stakeholders and representatives of the Municipality and the University of Athens. They discussed and defined the basic principles of cooperation, now routed the joint establishment and operation of museum and research departments of the Biology Department at the building Mela at Limni. The new Hydrobiological and Oceanographic Museum will host the gatherings and the work of a prominent personality of the place, the chemical scientist Anastastios Christomanos, known as the father of Chemistry in Greece and led to the foundation of the first Physics and Math Department in the University in Greece.



A new Papanikolaou is born

Vasilis Vasiliou: We found the protein that detects the intestine cancer.

Vasilis Vasiliou is from Istiaia, and is the son of Kosta and Menia Vasileiou. He is married to Maria Vasioti and together they have five children. In 1978, Vasilis graduated from the gymnasium of Istiaia and his favorite teacher was the well known mathematician Despoina Polygiannidou. In 1978, Vasilis was admitted at the University of Ioannina, School of Chemistry, and completed his studies in 1981. He then continued his studies at the same University, School of Medicine and obtained his Ph.D in Pharmacology, in 1988. Upon completing his military service, in January 1991, he accepted a postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacogenetics at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was also awarded a scholarship Fogarty, for two years, from the National Health Institution of Health.

In1996, Mr. Vasiliou became Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. In 2006, he became a Professor. For the past sixteen years, Vasilis lives at Penver, Colorado. He is the Director of the Toxicology and Environmental Health Graduate Program. As he claims, “Greeks do not come here (United States ) for postgraduate studies. Within the past sixteen years that I live here, only two Greek students have come for postgraduate studies. I can not understand why Greeks do not come to America for further studies. From what I know, in Greece, postgraduate students pay instead of getting paid. If they were accepted at our university, for a doctoral program, not only is the students tuition and insurance paid, but also the student earns a salary of 25,000 dollars per year.  The majority of the students here are Chinese and Indians, few Europeans”.

My team does research on cancer. We found a protein that may be used as a detector. We studied (300) cancers, of the breast, lungs and intestine.  We detected that the specific protein is expressed in all malignant of the large intestine and not in the healthy cells. This makes this protein appropriate through the diagnosing and detecting procedure of the cancer of the large intestine, at an early stage to be cured.

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