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Occupation of City Hall Aidipsos
Seasonal employees of the former Municipality of Aidipsos occupied the City Hall of Aidipsos last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June, respectively. The seizure was made shortly after the publication of the results of the competition to hire workers on temporary contracts for the watering and cleaning department of the City Istiaia- Aidipsos, since the names of most workers were not included in the list of candidates.  As a result, after many years of experience, as they say, as seasonal workers in the former municipality of Aidipsos, are unemployed, they denounce openly the transparency of the contest that the new Kallikrates Municipality has held. At the same time, Mayor Christofis Zachos, stressed that everything was done with complete transparency and the results cannot be disputed by anyone.
The names of candidates are published on the internet, the program, Clarity. The evaluation was done by three members of the City in accordance with the provisions of Article 86 of the “Code of Municipalities” Law 2190/94 on “Establishment of an independent authority for selecting staff and regulating management issues “and into number 12 / Decision 2011 City Council Istiaia -Aidipsos.

The unemployed of the former Municipality of Aidipsos, report errors in protocol, hidden and incomplete counting grades, and other irregularities, and will legally sort out the matter. The Mayor declares, that all were fully transparent and that the Municipality is now united and cannot publish separate notices for each Municipal District. He also stresses that every procedure will be transparent and clear for as long as he holds the Mayor’s office.

Extraordinary City Council Istiaia – Aidipsos
Extraordinary meeting, last Tuesday, June 21st at noon, in order to debate again about  the Technical Program of 2011, which was passed unanimously by the Body in the Meeting of June 15th , after making some additions to projects, which were omitted in the previous one. Also, the Director of Minority Yiannis Machairas, raised the issue before the agenda, that severe damage has occurred in the drainage of the spa.


Severe damage occurred on Monday, noon, June 20th to Aidipsos sewage system, and as a result water falling into the sea contaminated it and forced the Port Authority to carry out decontamination in 450 square meters of marine area and the case was referred to the Prosecutor. The City Council majority, decided to make a complaint to the conservator of the sewage purification of Aidipsos for environmental pollution and to denounce and terminate the contract, if this situation continues.

Technical Program
The Technical Program of the Municipality of 2011 was discussed again and put to the vote, as the major minority stated that it does not agree with any option that puts the municipality at risk or jeopardizes the municipality. The Minority Leader Tasoula Tsaroucha, stated that she doesn’t want to disclose any characterizations to what is going on today. Shortly before the vote there was tension between the Mayor Christofis Zachos and the President of the Municipal Council Yiannis Anastasiou, because the latter had been not given the opportunity to make statements. Specifically, the Mayor said: “I’m leaving, this is not a Council “, while the President said,” Lead your way Mr. Mayor, and don’t forget to write a letter to us “.



The Organisation EPAL of Istiaia Trains in Spain


The first EPAL of Istiaia, within its educational activities, has augmented during the 2010 -2011 academic year the educational programme Leonardo Da Vinci in collaboration with Master – Barcelona with the title of “on line internet applications”.

Twenty students of EPAL of Istiaia participated with their teachers, the coordinator and director of EPAL, Mrs. Demeter Vasilakiotou, electrician, Mr John Katsanos, and teacher of IT technology, Mrs Evagellia Sdralia. For 14 days from the 24th of April till the 10th of May, they went abroad and participated in the educational activities that took place in Spain.


The students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge on themes which were relevant to their field. Furthermore, the knowledge they required, regarding their speciality, will further enable them to make them competitive in the job market.

They also acquired flexibility, regarding adaptation to various environments and countries, regarding cultural and quality data. They also improved their language skills generally and regarding professional terminology.

The program, apart from training, comprised of several educational visits to museums and places of cultural interest, not only within the city of Barcelona: (Sagrada Familia,  Guel Gaudi park , Μοnt-Juic hill , Poble Espanyol, Caixa Forum, Camp Nou, the city aquarium ) but also in other areas of cultural interest ( Terrasa museum of technology , Μonastery of Santa Maria Montserrat, Figueres Dali museum   Girona, Calella- Costa Brava).

It must be noted that the program was funded by the EU and was free for all participants.

Our school has applied for participation in the following year’s Leonardo program regarding the environment and alternative forms of energy.



Hip Hop and Latin Dances at Xutko ,Vasilika

At Vasilika, just before Psaropouli, amidst a creek under platanus and pines and in the cultural area of Xutko, took place the  annual dance festival of the dancing school of Mrs. Marina Andersson Athanassiadi . The environment was unique, as it has the ability to bring out the best of the positive energy of the festival especially regarding the artistic endeavours of young children. At some point everybody got up from their chairs driven by the hip hop and latin rhythm and participated in the dance pandemonium.


The combination of the natural landscape, the music, and dancing provided a very sweet memory for the beginning of the summer.

May there be plenty more such moments which provide us with beautiful relaxing moments

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