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Eros, the conqueror in every fight in Rovies


Art and state combined their action on Tuesday, August 9th at Rovies. Originally the event was opened by the speech of Professor of Philosophy at Panteion University, Dimitris Lamprellis on: “The presence of ancient Greek dance in philosophy from ancient times until today. With eloquent flow of speech, Dimitris Lamprellis explained, that Plato defines dance as a measure of relief from everyday life. Nietzsche then argues that if the philosophy is combined with art and every human being acts, everyone can realize that senses are not inferior, and using them nicely can create artwork. Then he reported   Marcuse, who argued that the only power of man to oppose against the technology is to use the aesthetics and the art in everyday life.

Finally, the timeless journey of the value of dance, Foucault, proclaimed it as the aesthetics of existence. Similarly, the projection slides over the stone wall of the Tower of Rovies, created a magical night. All of us luckily watched, both a tribute to the Delphic Festival, and an excerpt from the Dance happening DIVINE LOVE by the study group of ancient dancing theater “Dora Stratos.” Beneath the sky, while our feet landed on the ground of Evoia, we heard the ancient hymns and chorales, texts of Papadiamantis and we all made a spiritual trip with all our senses turned on. The idea of ​​the President of the Municipal Corporation of Public Benefit Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna, Anthony Barrett, to trust the  Group for the Study of Ancient dancing, that was formed in 1991 in the theater of D. Stratos, we had a spiritual experience  similar but minimized to  that of Epidaurus. People that contributed to this effort and event deserve congratulations.  We hope that all of you will find worthy imitators in the Municipality Istiaias-Aidipsou.


Studies in ancient Greek religious ceremony at Psaropouli

Mixed with surprise and curiosity, “Palmos” followed and recorded with its lens a simple but official ceremony at the port of Vasilika, Psaropouli. A group of Ancient Greek Religion believers appeared at Vasilika. We were informed that on Monday, August 8th, 2,491 years were completed from the Battle of Arteminisium. With the occasion of this anniversary, in order to honor their fallen ancestors, the so-called  priest of the group, Nikiforos Anastasiou, with the help of the little Alexandra celebrated libations to the gods of Olympus. Both were dressed in white, archaic clothing. The event took place at 6 pm, on the headland, which lies over the port. Nikiforos Anastasiou explained that the purpose of the group is Ellinolatreia “To adore Greek gods” and recounted the time of the battle of Artemisium and the destruction of ancient Nyssa, which was the city in antiquity by the Persians . Then the master of ceremonies in a flawless archaic dialect sang hymns of ancient poets and recited the oath of the Greeks. Then with intense emotion, committed to offering libations, that means: milk, honey, oil and wine, four typical products of the Greek land. Whenever the little Alexandra just raising every pot with the offer, the marshal said that offer a libation to the gods for the repose of the dead Greeks and shouted the word “immortal”. At the ceremony besides the team members, others also attended, residents of  Vasilika, and several tourists who were very curious because this event was unprecedented for the country. Mr. Anastasiou said that more events will follow  and it will be established a sacrificial altar due to the ancient standards.




Yiannis Kotzias: “In September the fees to be reformed”

At the meeting of the City Council Istiaias-Aidipsos they discussed and voted the redefinement of the charges of public spaces. According to a statement by the Deputy Mayor responsible for the Office of Economics Yiannis Kotzias to “Palmos” : “We have returned to the modification of the decision, to ensure the legality of any rehabilitation failures and to provide the necessary clarifications on the issue of stands.”
Showcase is a permanent outdoor structure with glass, which is located on the sidewalk for a showroom. In our area there are no windows, but if developed in the future, prices are twice those of tables and chairs, by region.  There was no change for other prices and seashore tables and chairs. But a necessary clarification should be made which regards and Oreoi. On the road up the shoreline, the area belongs to the Coast Fund, which enjoys the income that comes from the use of space. In Neos Pyrgos, between the asphalt and the foreshore there are municipal lands, and they do not fall under the price of other public spaces. From next year, spaces will be auctioned with starting prices that are to be redefined.
Concerning the fees are unjust, because they are differently priced from municipality to municipality. It is worth noting that the Polylofos pays 1.5 per sq.m and Ag. Georgios Lichadas only 0.17 per sq.m. These prices should be reformed. It should also be noted that in many Municipal Districts fees do not cover the cost of services, which will be covered in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. From September onwards will be a broad discussion with the conference committee on this issue. “




The bell rang again after 30 years.


The recess has ended. I am fixing the collar of my uniform and I am walking into the classroom. We are all standing and waiting for the teacher. Once he comes in, we sit down. We are all looking at him. He very slowly takes out his gradebook.

Theodorou, stand up and come to the board.

Our classmate gets up. The examination begins. He answers correctly to the lesson of the day. The teacher says: “a good student also remembers the previous lessons.” The teacher asks him and he answers again correctly. The teacher continues and says: “a good student also has some knowledge of the lessons that are to be taught.” So the teacher answers: “Good grade, 14”


The president of the class, politely, intervenes because she feels that it is not fair for her classmate, and a daily suspension follows. We remembered that and many more things when we, all of the classmates and graduates of 1981, from the Lyceum of Istiaias, had the reunion. We had a very nice time reminiscing about our past school experiences when we met last Saturday, August 12th. May we have health in the years to come so we can all reunite again.

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