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Resident from Northern Evoia was sexually abusing his sister’s grandchildren

Two underaged children found out what horror is in their most sensitive and tender age after having been victims of sexual exploitation by the 75 years old brother of their grandmother. The old man was arrested, by the police officers of the Aiginion (Pieria) Police Department, last Monday afternoon, in the 1st of August. He was led to the District attorney’s office in Thessalonica, and on Tuesday, the 2nd of August to the department of Penal Prosecution, and afterwards he apologized in the interrogator with the categories of seduction of minors, rape in continuation and at influx. The 75 year perpetrator, apologized to the police and during the pr

eliminary investigation, he admitted his action. The defendant declared, that his origin is from Northern Evoia, an element that proved to be true, after our communication with the Police and  journalistic sources, in Athens and Thessalonica. For obvious reasons, the persecutory Authorities do not reveal the identity of the perpetrator, neither his precise place of origin.



The background

The nightmare of the two under aged girls stopped, because a family person that was a psychologist realized a strange behavior between the girls and the perpetrator. The psychologist isolated the two underaged children, aged 10 and 11 years old and she she succeeded to make them reveal, the curious relations that they had with the brother of their grand mother. According to the briefing, the nightmare of two small girls kept for the last six years. As it was revealed, the two siblings were being abused since 2005, when they still were in the age of 4 and 5 years respectively, during their summer vacation spending with their relatives since they were living permanently in Sweden. The family continued having powerful bonds and relations of confidence with their relatives, every time they were coming to Greece, while at the same time the 75years old perpetrator exploited the children, in order to satisfy his perverted lusts, up to the moment of the painful revelation.


The second “rape”

Usually the punishment is imposed after the crime is committed. However, many times, punishment exists, without  anyone deserving it. In this tragic history, the dimensions of crime are big and they shade, the children’s age, the institution of family, of kinship, the innocence that is lost in a harsh way. However – it’s the victim that is punished and not the immolator. In this respect the two underaged children were punished, an entire life they will bring back, in their mind, again and again the nightmare of “touch” of a dreary/horrible person. All mouths are being shut, in order not to offend further more the innocent children. Those children must be fully protected. As a natural consequence, the perpetrator must exemplary punished. And the punishment is not only imposed by the law, but also by the soul of the entire society. The stigmatization and the humiliation mirrors the deeds of the perpetrator and not the innocent and unsuspicious child victim. We must, as a society detect the objective with our soul and not with our eyes or our ears.

Within closed doors

The meeting, that took place last Monday, 1st of August,  was not only within closed doors but it was also secret .It took place in the Town hall of Istiaia, with house-holder the Mayor Zachos Christofis, the Chairman of Municipal Council Yannis Anastasiou and some members from the Municipal Advisers of the majority. They were invited and however present, the deputies Simeon Kedikoglou, Costas Markopoulos, Simos Kedikoglou and Ourania Papandreou, Vice head of Region Athanassios Bourantas as well as the Regional advisers Tassos Agdiniotis and Yannis Letonis. From the adjacent Municipality Mandouthi, Limni of Agia Anna, the Mayor Anestis Psarros, the Chairman of corresponding Municipal Council Christos Tzachristos, while they were also present some members from the Municipal Advisers of majority.  In time, Palmos had requested in written form, and with PN13456 21-7-2011, had requested to be informed, as press, about the possible meetings held and their times of [D].[S]. of Municipality Istiaias Aidipsos. Not only did Palmos not get any notification about the exact date and time of the meeting, but there was also been made effort to disorientate from the determined date, with the explanation, that it is not a formal meeting and in order to exist more flexible forms it is better when certain authorities are absent and certainly much better when the newspaper is absent. Due to the fact that the heavier role in detail and ceaseless political briefing falls in the “Palmos”, we consider antidemocratic and illegal any effort of cover-up of briefing and gagging of press. The room where you sat gentlemen, deputies and Mayors,it’s been paid by the citizens that you forced in your way to remain outside. But you forgot that with our own votes you sit in the chairs that allow you to sit secretly.


The 20 workers of “ATLANTIK” in Istiaia to the… lawyer, they demand their compensation and their worked wages


The last 10 months, the 20 workers of Supermarket “ATLANTIK” and their families, in Istiaia were imprisoned by the horrible economic situation that had lapsed company ATLANTIK, while one by one all the Supermarket chains that had opened throughout the country have been closed. “Palmos” always close to the proceedings, came  in contact with the former workers of the super – market, who for ten entire months waited for the enterprise to be sold and also expected if the convention of their work, could be maintained under new Direction and new contracts. Most of workers, have sufferred enormous economic, as long as psychological discomfort, because they worked at the enterprise for at least ten years, since the opening of the Supermarket in Istiaia. They were forced to suffer the attitude of payments since October 2010, until last Wednesday in the 3rd of August, that officially the company “ATLANTIK” deposited bankruptcy leaving unemployed those workers and others throughout the country to survive under those conditions. Until that day, all the workers were in their places at work, imprisoned by the conditions and they tried to function, even in a rudimentary way the shop. However, unfortunately,   the sales decreased so much and were at such a low level, that the income was insufficient to cover the payment of the electrical bills. Today they claim legally henceforth, their compensation as well as the wages they worked for.




Armed Robbery at Supermarket “Galaxia”


On Saturday, August 6th, at 3:20 p.m., two men of unknown origin, robbed the supermarket “Galaxia” at Istiaia. The two men went into the managers office and demanded the money under the threat of weapons. Shortly after, “Palmos” arrived to the place of the incident, and found the employees of the supermarket shocked. Nevertheless, everything operated smoothly. While the robbery was taking place, neither employees nor customers understood anything.

Specifically, we spoke with the manager’s assistant who stated to us: “While I was in the office with an employee who was standing at the door, two presentable, brunette men, whose height was around 1,70m, entered the office and closed the door. They seemed like customers but we had not seen them ever before. They were both wearing light colored shorts and specifically the one man was wearing a blue shirt while the other man was wearing a beige shirt. They had not worn masks neither gloves and their hair was shaved off. When they went into the office they were holding a basket with some items. My colleague was at the door, they pushed her and once the door closed they took out their guns and they aimed at us. They threatened us and said in broken Greek “We know you have money. Give it to us and we will not hurt you.” They took the money of the day and put it in a supermarket bag they closed the door and threatened us to not open it. They were very quick. The whole incident lasted about 5-6 minutes. With an internal communication system that the supermarket has, we notified the manager and he reported the incident to the police. The police came immediately to the supermarket and began chasing the robbers and are hoping to find them.”

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