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From the Municipalities of Mandouthi, Limni, Agia Anna, we received and publish the following press release




After a joint desire of the two mayors, a historical first meeting of the Municipalities of Northern Evia was held on Wednesday, June 6 at 19.30, The meeting took place in boardroom Mantouthi. Mayors Zachos Christofi and Anestis Psaros, the chairmen of municipal councils, Istiaia – Edipsos, Mr. Yannis Anastasiou, Mantouthi-Lake-St Anne, Christos Tzachristos, the deputy Kotzias John, Zacharis Spyros, Zagkana Athanasia, Moulas Giorgos, and Panourgias Sotiris, from the City Istiaias-Aidipsos, Kantzouras Yiannis,  Moustakas Nicholas, John Stamos Mantoudi by the City-Limni-Agia Anna and the chairman of the Municipality of Mantouthi-Limni-Agia Anna, Thanasis Leontis.


They discussed and decided to cooperate closely to promote the issues and problems of their region, as most of them are common for both the municipalities. In the first place was discussed that the slaughterhouse is imperative necessity for Northern Evoia. They agreed to install it to a municipal site of the City of Mantouthi-Limni-Agia Anna near Rovies and they will form a committee consisting of the two mayors and 6 deputies, Kotzia Anastasiou (by the City Istiaia – Aidipsos) Stergiou, Kantzoura, Moustakas (from the City of Mantouthi – Limni-Agia Anna) this committee will propose the formation, the finance, the operation and the involvement of the private sector. The second issue was the functioning of health centers of Istiaia and Mandouthi. Having established that the work on the extension of H.C Istiais are in progress, what is urgent is the immediate staffing of the two health centers with the necessary medical and support staff, so that they can meet the needs of local residents. It was decided to call and the six members of the county at a meeting late in July or in early August to consider the possibility of intervention and policy in this direction. Simultaneously committee consisting of Tzachristos, Anastasios and Zacharis will examine its current situation which will be presented in the planned meeting.

They examined the problems of the national road network, especially the region between Prokopi and Istaia which requires immediate repair and maintenance. It was decided to send a letter of protest to the Regional Director of Central Greece, Mr. Perganta which will place responsibility on the current situation and requested the activation of existing human and mechanical equipment located in our region. Otherwise they would proceed to dynamic protests. They decided the mutual touristic promotion of the two municipalities and to that end, among other things, to organize a promotion day in early autumn for the tourism organization and development in the coming years. Finally they agreed to meet again soon in Evoia.



The application of Kallikratis system in the municipalities is actually being imposed for some months. But unfortunately until now the residents of each village have been in contact with the drawbacks only. This happens in Asminio, a small fishing village in the pine woods, which is also a tourist resort. Asminio may be a village with about 800 residents, but is full of life. Children, teens and beyond, looking for way out from the everyday life and being a small area with limited facilities and few alternatives, the only way out are sports. That’s why is necessary for the area the existence of playgrounds and sport facilities. However, although in that village there are playgrounds and sport facilities, all these facilities have been completely abandoned. There are several reasons for this situation. On one hand the objections of residents for the playground because of children’s voices and on the other hand the lack of municipal cleaning workers. So the playground is full of weeds, everything is broken and as if this were not enough in the doorway stands a majestic padlock a padlock on the lives of young children and their recreation. Parents are forced to take their children to the nearest village, i.e. Pefki to give them what is missing from Asminio. On the other hand, the part of adolescents or older people in sport. Once the village had a stadium and a football team, Artemisiako, which was glorious and adored by its funs. Nowadays the stadium is totally abandoned. The locker room is damaged, torn nets goal, windows broken; the grasses have invaded the pitch. It is a bleak picture. “Palmos” has contacted the president of the local council of Asminio Georgios Diamantis, according to whom “Municipality is aware of these issues.  But due to lack of cleaning workers, and increased commitments in view of the summer season the existing staff is not sufficient to resolve such issues. It has been given special attention to the needs of tourism that is an important resource for the municipality and its inhabitants.



“From the lighthouse of Lichada in Vasilina in the Northwest tip of Evoia was celebrated on Sunday, July 2nd, as every year, the passage of the Apostle Pavlos, who came from Veroia and stopped at this point because of rough seas. It was a wonderful event which was attended by the Chairman of the Board the Municipality Istiaia Yannis Anastasiou-Edipsos the Deputies Spiros Zacharis, Yannis Kontzias, and the actor Costas Prekas and crowds. The event ended with an admittedly impressive way the dance team Aidipsos offering attendees cultural pageant prompted by the folk traditional dancing of the regions of Thessaly and the Aegean islands. We congratulate all those who contributed to the success of the festival.



Friday, July 8this the day that our church celebrates St. Procopius. In the wider region of Istiaia a single church celebrates this day because it is dedicated to specific Saint. The chapel is located just outside the village Vouta Istiaia, today was celebrated by almost all the villagers and residents of surrounding villages. The Holy Liturgy was held by Archimandrite Fr Titus Geronikolos and Father Alexis with priests Michael Samaras, John Karagounis, Konstantinos Stamatopoulos and Deacon Shura Ioanni. This year, the feast of the church of Agios Prokopios was festive because the chapel was renovated.  A new wooden roof was built, and also a wooden roof at the entrance of the temple and it was generally resolved the issue of the surrounding area. The road leading to the Temple by the Ring Road, right after a small stream that is there, was dugged and paved with soil. The entire renovation of the church and of the wider area was initiated and financed by the local Church committee. The event ended with the end of the Holy Liturgy and the sharing of the Holy Bread to everyone, in contrast to the past (almost twenty years ago) that in the church courtyard the people cooked and shared food for free, for everyone.




Summer sales start next Friday on the Northern Evoia and all the shopkeepers are prepared to serve consumers in the region. The rates of discounts/sales will vary locally, with a first estimation, from 30% to 50%.The discounts will last until Tuesday, August 31st and retailers are sure to put on the windows new products that will provide the best quality with the most competitive prices.



Evoia Rally is the scenic country of Northern Evoia. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a rally was held starting from the Aidipsos warm springs and covered the entire Northern Evoia. There was a lot of enthusiasm from everyone involved in the rally and the crews as well as people, in spite of the fact that there were some problems in organizing this event, which were overcome fortunately on time since everybody saw that such events are helpful for the local business community. It was a summer festivity and participants were from all over Greece and abroad. The person who came up with this idea to have this event was Mr. Stamatis Meletis. Important names from abroad, (Paris and Dakar) participated in the rally.




On Sunday afternoon, Northern Evoia and specifically, Aidipso, was full of exciting moments but also not so pleasant. On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out in the area of Agio and the area of Agiou Nikolaou in Aidipso, while at the same time, the Evoia Rally was ending successfully. For more details, see the other pages.

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