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We are good natured people with vision and the strength that powers our resolve stems from the love we have for our island, which we have proven both in good and hard times. We have been beside you in the first line of accurate information in all strata of life, social, political, athletic and cultural. “Palmos (Pulse) of Voria Evia” is a weekly local newspaper which has fully adapted to the modern demands and it is distributed in every possible way. In shops, newsstands, door to door, by mail and courier and by a website which is the most visited online local resource of information. The newspaper is besides you, always there to accompany you to your quest for information, without excluding from it even our foreign friends due to the English written pages it provides, but also with the German and Russian texts featured in our website www.palmosev.gr under the “Tour Guide of Voria Evia” section.

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Exploring Evia

I love my island and with joy I invite you to explore it. To visit it and experience North Evia and the unique blending of forests and beaches. Brine and pines, the modern reality with the traditional myths. I invite you to bask into the warm light of Greece, with the clean atmosphere and clean souls. Small mountain villages combined with endless beaches compose the landscape of North Evia which has the unique advantage of being merely 150km away from Athens and very near the airports of Thessaloniki, Aghialo and Skiathos. You can come to North Evia in many ways, by motorway via Chalkida or use the ferryboats and land on Aedipsos, Agiokabo or Lichada.

You can stroll by the sea or meander through forest trails, immerse yourself in waterfalls or dive into the sea and sway to the rhythm of the tides. You can also enjoy unique spa therapies in one of the most fabled therapeutic Spa city of Aedipsos. Or you could combine a pilgrimage to St. John the Russion or the monasteries of St. David and Galataki, with trips through marvelous forests and taste the local cuisine along with Evia’s reknown tsipouro and its fine wines. You are only separated by all these things only by a couple of hours worth of journey, to come and share with us the unique Greek lifestyle.

Pari Delki

The cities villages and settlements of Evia
Population data of Evia according to the national census of 2011

North Evia has two municipalities with a total population of 33,128 inhabitants.
The Municipality of Istiea Aedipsos based on Istiea, has a total of 21.083 inhabitants and includes five municipal communities:

 The municipal community of Aedipsos with 4,519 residents who are distributed in 8 villages and settlements. Specifically in the village of Aedipsos reside 1,249 inhabitants, 233 people reside in Ilia, in the Baths of Aedipsos there are 2,560 residents, Maounis is not inhabited, the Monastery of St. George hosts seven nuns, Paidoupoli has two residents, the beach of Agios Nikolaos has 448 and in Polylofo there are 20 residents. The local community of Agios with 993 inhabitants includes 6 villages and settlements, Agiokampo with 94 residents, Agios with 801 residents, Varvara with 76 residents, Vigla with 2, Platanias with 12 residents and Skepasti with 8 residents. The local community of Gialtra numbers 629 inhabitants and 4 villages and settlements which accommodate 24 residents in Agios Georgios Gialtra, in Gialtra 544, the Baths of Gialtra 38 and in Rhododafni 23 residents.
The Municipality of Artemision numbers 3,712 inhabitants, who are distributed in 15 villages and settlements. Agdines have 164 inhabitants, Agriovotano has 193 and Pontikonisi is not inhabited. In more detail, the local community of Artemisio numbers 849 inhabitants who are divided in Artemision with 392 residents and Pefki with 457 residents. The local community of Asminio numbers 784 residents who are divided in Asminio with 734 and Kefales with 50 residents. The local community of Vasilika counts 704 inhabitants with Vasilika having 424 inhabitants, and Tsapournia 79 and Psaropouli 201 residents. The local community of Gerakiou numbers 134 residents while the local community of Gouves numbers 507 with Gouves having 438 residents, Kastri 41 and Palaiocastro 28 residents. The local community of Ellinika has 377 residents spread in Agios Nikolaos with 65 residents and Ellinika with 312 inhabitants respectively.
The municipal community of Istiea has 7.091 residents of whom 389 live in Agio Georgio, 4,339 in Istiea, 59 in Kanatadika, 565 in Nea Sinasos, 170 in Neohori, 96 in Abgaria, 198 in Vouta, 51 in Kyparissi and 45 at Simia. The local community of Galatsades with 148 inhabitants includes Galatsades with 58 residents and Kamatriades with 9 residents, respectively. Galatsona has 65 residents, Kamaria 381, Kokkinomilia 72, Kryoneritis 189, Milies number 169 inhabitants and the local community of Monokarya has a total of 155 residents with Kato Monokarya having 113 residents and Ano Monokarya 42.
The municipal community of Lihada has a total of 1,122 residents. In more detail, Agios Georgios numbers 868 inhabitants, Vasilina 24, Gregolimano, Monolia (island) and Stroggili (Island) do not have any permanent residents, Kavos has 43, Kokkinias 6 and Lihada has 181 residents.
The Municipality of Orei has a total of 3,017 residents who are divided in the local community of Kastaniotissa with 224 residents, Neos Pyrgos with 786 residents, Taxiarchis with 798 residents and Orei with 1,209 inhabitants, according to the official national census of 2011.

The Municipality Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna based in Limni includes three municipal communities and numbers 12.045 inhabitants.

    The municipal community of Elymnion with 4,490 inhabitants has Katounia with seven residents, Limni with 1,642, the Monastery of St. Nicholas Galataki with six nuns, Myrtia with 190 residents, Retsinolakko with 6, Sipiada with 120, Chronia with 75, Daphne with 190 inhabitants, Kechries with 477, Kourkouli with 314, Damia with 66, Drimona with 57, Kalamoudi with 37 residents, Koulouros with 10, Marouli with 16, the Monastery of St. David with 12 monks , Palaiochori with 38, Rovies with 1,035 and Skepasti with 192 inhabitants respectively.
The municipal community of Kireas with 5,411 residents includes Vlachia with 140 residents, Sarakiniko with 19, Dafnoussa with 58, Troupi with 16, Zoodochos Pigi with 82, Kirinthos with the 609, Kria Vrisi with 34, Mantoudi with 1.787, Fournous, Metochi with 160 residents, Pili with 628, Prokopi with 948, Kalyvia with 81, Spathari with the 199, Strofylia with 472 and Farakla with 178 residents.
The Municipal Community of Nileos has 2,144 residents who are divided in Agia Anna with 729 residents, Aggali with 217, Palaiovrysi 63, Amelantes with 22 residents, Strafi with no permanent residents, Achladi which has 266 inhabitants, Fragaki with 83, Kerameia with 118, Kerasia with 247, Achladopotamos which is not inhabited, Kotsikia has 119 inhabitants, the Beach of Kotsikia has 60 and Papades are numbering 220 inhabitants.

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